RW Spryszak came out of Columbia Chicago in the early 70s before that school was accredited and was still considered "experimental" for its time. He was a member of Marjorie Peters' Southside Creative Writers Workshop in Chicago then, as well.

But it wasn't until the late 80s that his work began to appear somewhat regularly in alternative, or "altzine," publications around the country. He could be read in Paper Radio, Version90, Sub Rosa, Asylum, Tomorrow, Mallife, NRG, and The Lost and Found Times, among others. A good portion of this material is archived in the John M Bennett Avant Writing Collection at the Ohio State University Libraries. In the early 90s he edited a few issues of The Fiction Review.

He raised a family from then until the 21st century at which time he resumed his output, finding places like Peculiar Mormyrid, A-Minor Magazine, Novelty (UK), and a few others to use his writing once again. It was in this period that he began his work at Thrice Fiction Magazine and Thrice Publishing, where he has been managing editor since 2010. There, he edited So What If It's True a collection of work written by the late slam poet Lorri Jackson, and I Wagered Deep on the Run of Six Rats to See Which Would Catch the First Fire, an anthology of current surrealist writing from around the world.

In late 2018 his first novel Edju was published by Spuytin Duyvil. It is said to be the first pulse of a trilogy. But, so far, this is only a rumor. He still resides in the Chicago area.